A brilliant, extremely light, yet extremely strong material. It is the most sought after material in the world of Everoc, because it makes superb armor, yet is so fine it can be woven into clothing, and holds such a sharp edge that blades made of it can often cut clean through rock. Its only drawback is that it makes a poor blunt weapon, given it is so light it is akin to hitting the opponent with a hammer made of silk or balsa wood.

It is known by other names:

  • Bluemetal among kobolds and other primitives who see spires of it. Some consider it a blessing they can't mine it, both for thier own sake and of thier enemies.
  • Cursed Metal among the paranoid humans and dwarves, for many forts and hilltowns have fallen after breaching adamantine veins, either by accident or on purpose.
  • Star Metal among Equus, said to be because its color makes them think of stars.

Spearbreakers is known to have a sizable store of it, a very large collection of said stores being used to arm and armor its military. Spearbreakers became famous for the sheer quanity of adamantine it harvested, as it played host the three large spires.