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Nicknames The God of Blood
Gender Male
Race God
Occupations The God of Blood
"A general sense of conflict keeps Armok appeased - when the universe becomes too boring it is set on the anvil of creation to be reforged."
"The destruction of the world by Armok is said to be inevitable. As civilizations spread and the frontier closes, the world will start to look homogeneous. Armok, looking upon this decadence in disgust, will reform the world. Therefore, when the universe has become too boring, it will be changed." - Paraphrased from an ancient text

Armok is the Dwarven God of blood and bloodshed, and rules over the Spearbreakers universe, including all of Everoc. Certain worshipers maintain that he also doubles as a god of war.

Armok's origins are unknown. It is not known that he was born of any other gods, and it seems that not only is he immortal, but that he is eternal as well. According to most accounts he is single. He is known for his humorously sadistic escapades, and for bestowing gifts and assistance upon his favorites. These resulted in many heroes emerging from what would seem to be otherwise hopeless situations.

Tradition holds that he is the "King of the Gods", and that all other gods of the Spearbreakers universe rise in his presence. This does not hold true for gods of other universes, who oftentimes seek to claim what he has created. Nor does it hold true for the demons of the world, particularly Sankis, who seeks to destroy everything by force.

Armok's symbols are a drop of blood and an armored soldier. Armok is frequently depicted by Dwarven artists in one of two poses: standing, striding forwards, with an axe leveled in his raised right hand, or seated in majesty.