Battleyaks are a breed of yak that through multiple breeding prgrams has resulted in a large, omnivorous, and very very angry animal. Due to thier often grumpy appearance, bad tempers, and preference (but not limitation to) moutninous terrain, battleyaks are often considerd  the "most 'dwarfy' surface-dwelling mammals there are" by some.

It is often said that Armok rides a swift blood-red firebreathing battleyak sometimes called Furnaceclimbed (representing by the Yak's climbing Armok's great forge simply because it was in the way with such determination that Armok took it as his mount,) which is said to be the sire of all battleyaks.


Battleyaks are, compared to normal yaks, far better suited to the rigors of dwarven warfare. traits include:

  • Being able to live on damned near anything. They are both omnivores and not picky about what they eat, and are able to ingest things on par with the carrion vultures regularly consume.
  • Relativly short and easy to mount compared to most other animals, making them perfect for dwarven cavalry.
  • Intelligent enough to idtenify friend from foe even in a rage.
  • Thier sheer bulk grants them a terrifying advantage against anything human-sized and smaller.
  • Thier primary weapons are thier sharp teeth (some minor genetic engineering on the part of either Ballpoint or Parasol is the result of these,) curved horns and somewhat oversized hooves. Some legends tell of a precursor to the battleyak existing somewhere in the savage inlands capable of breathing fire.