Boatmurdered, as seen on

Boatmurdered (Koganusan) was a fortress founded in the earliest years of Everoc's existence. It was a literal hellhole, filled with migrants with lofty goals. Unfortunately, it was besieged by elephants and monkeys to the point that the rulers decided to flood the plains before the mountain with magma. In its final years, Sankis, one of the rulers, went mad and slaughtered much of the fortress's population, while ablaze with unholy flame. He later became a powerful demonic force, and is the primary reason the Holistic Spawn exist.

The exact location of Boatmurdered is unknown, but it is known to lie far to the south of Spearbreakers, on a separate continent in an area known as The Smooth Points of Pride. The general area saw one of the few battles of the Vampiric Wars to happen outside West Everoc, with the outcome being that the vampires' overseas army being crushed so thouroughly it wound up turning the war in the favor of the Global Coalition. It is suspected that the vampires were seeking Sankis' mortal final resting place in hopes of communicating with him and gaining his support.

People speak of it in hushed tones, if at all, making crosses with their fingers to ward the evil away.