The gateway to the ruins of the 1500 year old fortress of Koganusan, the Boatmurdered Ashields are one of the most easily recognized blights on East Everoc's land. It is sometimes called the Magma Fields and Gray Land by explorers and barbarians , while the local Corgyn typically refer to the area as the Ash Wastes. Official records in many dwarven mountainhomes list the area as The Smooth Points of Pride.


The Ashfields area a massive expanse of plains and dead forests, littered with partially melted and rusting remains of armies of man, goblin, dwarf, and likely countless others as well as the remains of the Battle of the Smooth Points of Pride. The massive remains of otherwise incinerated elephants are one of the most well known sights, as well as the countless dead trees. While grass still sprouts regularly making the place green again, Boatmurdered's malfuctioning magmaduct still regularly gouts magma every few months, undoing much of the reclaimation of nature outside. The Corgyn believe it is the work of gremlins playing with the levers of the fortress, while most others believe it may be Sankis or lost and deranged adventurers.