Core Scouts are small machines designed by Mr Frog for the purpose for the purpose of exploring the molten cores of various worlds. One is used to discover one of The Three Spires, and they are assumed to be common tools among Ballpoint research teams operating in hazerdous environments due to thier immense durability; this may also mean Mr Frog was a very important researcher in terms of general R&D on top of his role in bioresearch.


Largely composed of magma and pressure resistant materials, Core Scouts have a rough appearance vary from simple motorized camera spikes like the one Dauros was given to metallic Magma Crabs.


Core Scouts appear in Spearbreakers II as a misc. item craftable by dwarves and Stranded Ballpoint personel. They are nonfunctional and seem to be made simply to act as small toys or reference models, since they are made from wood, stone, metal, or even bone.