When Dauros named his pike

Dauros Hushedboat, The Old Legend as he is called by the enemies of Spearbreakers, is a pikedwarf serving under Col. Fischer Strifefulrope and the Fortress Champion following her debilitation as of Slate of 210 PS simply by virtue of having been there longer than any of the other still-living and unsickened soldiers.

Early LifeEdit

Like many residents of the fortress, little is known of Dauros except that he was born in the year 140 and that he had prior military training. He also claims to not know his parents, as the sole relations he has outside of his job as a soldier is his pet dog Ingiz (who died helping his master in battle fighting the Forgotten Beast Zopsu) and a craftsdwarf named Tiruin.


Dauros arrived at Spearbreakers in Slate of 203, during Draignean's reign, with only a puppy in tow and the clothes on his back. He was found to have some skill at arms and was promptly thrown in 1st Company as a pikedwarf.

Service RecordEdit

Dauros fought with the courage expected of a dwarven soldier from the beginning of his service to the present. His most notable achievements to date are the slaying of a minotaur and numerous forgotten beasts : Eb Owldent (a minotaur), Sops, Ebra, Ugeth, Dirlu Esloaril, Kob, and Zopsu Genedakusm.

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