Emu face

A dwarf-raised Emu, notable for looking rather grumpy like many of their handlers.

The Emu (Dromaius Novaehollandiae ) is a large flightless bird that is raised by dwarves for meat and eggs, and large herds of them still roam the coastal reaches and seem to thrive in spite of the Holistic Spawn infestation. Its is one of two large flightless birds that are the unofficial mascot of Spearbreakers, the other being the even larger Giant Emu.

One can assume that the Emu's ability to thrive in spite of the Spawn is due in part to their running speed, and skittishness - an emu fleeing can reach speeds of nearly 50km/h, where Giant Emus can reach even faster due to their longer strides.

Additionally, a cornered Emu/Giant Emu is capable of kicking at a foe with its middle toe, with enough force to mortally wound an average humanoid with one hit, and the giant ones are able to kill poorly armored attackers with a single blow to the head; the giant genus can seriously injure most others and being so large are often almost impossible to knock over by even the angriest spawn unless that actually disable one of their legs. Often the mightier of the two breeds is used for battle by dwarves for those reasons, its comparitive agressiveness, bulk, and bone crushing kicks debilitating enemies enough to grant their handlers a chance to attack unhindred and without threat of harm to themselves. It is also common practice in some forts to maintain Emu Pits, places filled with Giant Emu trained for battle, and pitching prisoners in to them to let them be horribly pecked and stomped to death for the amusment of the populous.

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