Splint's impression of an Eris footsoldier with Blood Plains camouflage, and the Eris emblem.

Eris is the name of an anti-Parasol and anti-Ballpoint organization masquerading as a small arms and armor manufacturer, at least when it became practical to establish an in-dimension Headquarters on Everoc. It is led by the enigma Joseph.


Eris is unified with a very strong set of beliefs regarding morality and the state of the multiuniverse. They believe that the current interdimensional laws are misguided, improper, worthless and inappropriate. While they still follow them on the surface, they believe that sentientkind would be more powerful if they were all united under a single monarchy. Joseph attempts to be this leader.

Eris is for the destruction of anyone who is radically against their beliefs, and this includes self-serving companies like Parasol and Ballpoint. In their way of thinking, those who destroy must be themselves destroyed. To overcome these limitations, Eris itself generally does not participate in interuniversal combat, but instead leads destructive forces to destroy each other. This reflects their motto, "Atenebris Nosvenimus", or, "From The Shadows We Strike".


By 193 PS, Joseph had become gradually disenchanted with his former company, Parasol. He began believing that he, himself, was somewhat of a god. With these feelings, he went rogue and accessed one of the Parasol megaportals, beginning to collect people to assist him in the founding of Eris. The date of Eris's founding remains a mystery, but it is known that they were established firmly by the year 202 PS.


Eris's most notable technology is its interuniversal communication systems, its portal technology, and its cloning technology. While Parasol has made forays into cloning technology, Eris excels in this field and has made it privatized, but well-known. Cloning generally takes such an enormous amount of energy that it is rarely used, however.

Eris is contained within a number of separate bubble dimensions. The main facility is contained within the largest bubble, and many of the more secret research laboratories are contained in others. Military divisions are also contained within separate bubbles.