East Everoc, as seen on

Everoc is the planet on which Spearbreakers exists. It's the planet, and continent, on which Boatmurdered, Headshoots, and Syrupleaf were founded and destroyed. Spearbreakers itself is on a different continent entirely, but the Holistic Spawn have spread between them and are invading, which is the reason for Spearbreakers' existence. it is divided between East and West Everoc, with a smaller continent to the south of both.

East EverocEdit

East Everoc (often just Everoc,) is the original home of many races that now inhabit West Everoc. It is currently known to be unihibaited save by Mountain barbarians and Spawn of Holistic. Wether or not it has been recolonized in some fashion by denizens of South Everoc is not known, though it is thought to have a small population of Corgyn in its easternmost area.

West EverocEdit

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"West Everoc" as it is called, is west of the "main" continent. It is considerably larger and contains areas such as the Blood Plains, The Amber Barb, and of course Spearbreakers itself, contained in but a small portion of its coastline (collectively called The Coastal Reaches.) It is large enough to play host to several massive inland seas that can be mistaken for oceans.

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