F.R.O.G. is short for Fowl Restrained Over Gate, and is a simple security measure devised by Mr Frog during his reign as overseer.

Construction and UsageEdit

A F.R.O.G. is simple to build and easy to maintain with as few as one animal; though originally done with emu and poultry (hence the name), they are now manned more often than not by dogs. They are built over the location desired to be observed, and the dog/fowl is tethered and sealed in to prevent it from escaping and trying to flee from invaders. It has proven to be a wildly successful system with an exponentially higher survival rate for the guard animals than the typical rope-on-a-stick-by-the-door system. It detects anything attempting to sneak beneath the positions containing the watch animal, and have proven to be spectacular for this job, going so far as to being instrumental to exterminating various necromancers.

The system became such a success that several other fortresses began employing them after hearing of it from caravans.

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