Fischer's First is the name given to the Spearbreakers Army's 1st squad, 1st Company sometime after Savero's term as overseer.

Composition and RoleEdit

The squad is always composed primarily of pikedwarves, with 4 other soldiers armed with different weapons in the past as well to add flexability. It is always led by the Fortress Champion, and is effectivly the "Shock and Awe" unit, generally hitting attackers quickly with a small but highly trained group and following various military reforms, utterly demolishing most threats.

The squad served as first responders throughout its life, and retained the name of Fischer's First even after she no longer lead and presumably well after she no longer lived, out of respect for the dwarven heroine. When the fortress fell an undetermined amount of time later after the last recorded overseership, it was likely the members of this squad fought the hardest but were ultimately the first to fall, likely leading to the fortress' utter collapse as morale plumetted despite the remaining troops and the nobles trying to rally the citzens to save the fortress.

Curse of The Right

Eventually a superstition developed that whoever held the role of the Colonel's right hand dwarf (hence the name of the curse) also called the Sergenat-At-Arms, was destined to die or be somehow crippled within a few years oftaking the post at best. The last known Sergeant-At-Arms was

Noteable MembersEdit

  • Colonel Fischer Striflerope, The Blanketed Convent - Founder, former Champion, initial leader, Legendary pikedwarf
  • Stova Townbends - Founder, first squad Sergeant-At-Arms, Pikedwarf. Killed during Talvieno's reign as Overseer
  • Draignean - Second Sergeant-At-Arms, former Overseer, Legendary Pikedwarf
  • Awl - Third Sergeant-At-Arms, Legendary Pikedwarf. Killed by a forgotten beast's toxic emmissions during Splint's third term as Overseer.
  • Colonel Dauros Hushedboat, The Old Legend - Last recorded Fortress Champion, Last recorded leader, Legendary Pikedwarf.
  • Krypta Boardallied, The Humble Lace - Legendary Pikedwarf. Killed in battle near the end of Reudh's reign as Overseer
  • Ezum Preisttrade, The Diamond Cavern - Legendary Pikedwarf. Killed in battle near the end of Reudh's reign as Overseer
  • Skitara SIlvercloistered, The Crystalline Crevices - Last Recorded Sergeant-At-Arms, Legendary Pikedwarf
  • Jack Magnus, - Legendary Swordsdwarf. Genesis of the Jackborg, having been killed and brought back to life at least twice and likely many more times. It's entirely possible that he may well be alive in SBII, simply being a seen as another Jackborg without anyone being the wiser.

This list is by no means complete, as many others would serve in the unit with Distinction and skill. It is noted for also having the hiesht number of "strange titles," such as Krypta's and Skitara's.

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