A forgotten beast isa monster from "before the dawn of time." While they are generally believed to be eldritch horrors, some in truth are younger than they seem, being simple "rejects" from various corporate experiments and dumped on Everoc and take up residence in its cavern systems.

General TraitsEdit

While no two forgotten beasts are exactly the same, they all share a few general traits.

  • Massive size (generally average around the size of an Octavia IFV or larger.)
  • Toxic or otherwise harmful emissions of some sort (venom, gases, webbing, fire, or even thier own blood.)
  • Flight (if they possess wings of any sort.)
  • No pain receptors (In the case of biological Forgotten Beasts)
  • Extremly high lung capacity (In the case of biological Forgotten Beasts)

At SpearbreakersEdit

Several Forgotten Beasts have come to Spearbreakers and either unwittingly crossed paths with the inhabitants or decided to activly harrass them, with the same result: death for the unlucky monsters. The following is a list of some of the great timeless horrors that have fallen on the Fortress's grounds.

  • Kob, The Water Glob (slain in 210 by the dwarf Dauros Mushedboat)
  • Ugeth, The Great Flame
  • Amas, The Lidless One
  • Ebra, The Mud-Monster
  • Stozu, The Beast of Coke
  • Zopsu, The Choclate Lobster
  • Thili, The Skinless Frog
  • Lomoth, The Bane of Fischer (slain in 209 by the dwarf Fischer Strifefulrope).

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