An alleged photo of frog moss, taken by a "tourist".

The cave moss experiment was a failure. I’m still tasting sounds and have only recently started to regain feeling in my extremities.

Frog Moss is a type of bioluminescent moss found in caverns on Everoc. While relatively uncommon, before the appearance of Mr Frog it was regarded primarily as a useless weed, often scraped off the cavern walls and tossed into trash heaps just like everything else. The discovery of its now-primary functions as a food source and a hallucinogenic drug is credited to Mr Frog, who discovered it during his reign as a Spearbreakers Overseer.


Frog moss can range in tone from bright green to a pale blue, depending on the amount of moisture in the area. While it produces light through bioluminescent means, it is hardly ever enough to read by. It is soft and pliable, although sturdy and difficult to remove from most surfaces. If left to itself, it will quickly spread and cover large surface areas - however, it is not resistant to ordinary diseases, and animals find it appetizing, making it necessary to take special precautions to prohibit the moss from encountering dangerous organisms.


In some newer fortresses, frog moss has been cultivated as a food source. It grows best during the summer months, and is easily harvested. Planting new crops is as simple as applying small pieces of frog moss to a moist, muddied surface. It is wisest to keep dwarves and emu from trampling it, as any through traffic will stunt the growth of the moss and severely limit the total amount harvested.


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