The Great Contagion, better known to most either humerously as Spawnitis or less so as Spawn Fever, is the disease/demonic possession of a creature bitten by certain Spawn of Holistic breeds. Most sapients are immune save for its vector's primary prey/adversary, Dwarves.


Certain modified Spawn possess highly infectious bites that, depending on the creature, either die a horribly messy death or suffer an eventual transformation into a Spawn Creature. To date only Warriors of non-precursor Spawn hives are able to infect many other creatures, much to the relief of many, though some lesser creatures can infect more of thier own kind. Some transformations appear to be the result of demonic possession by some kind of parasite (generally identifiable due to the charred appearance of the victim,) while others simply the result of a legitimate virus or bacterium (who tend to appear more as mutulated corpses rather than charred ones, and possessing the same deformaties.)

Creatures susceptible to the ContagionEdit

  • Dwarves (Seems to be random; become Holistic Spawn Warriors if the infection successfully takes hold.)
  • Dogs (referred to confusingly as Spawnlings.)
  • Cows (sometimes called Prarie Haunters.)
  • Cats (Called Jumpers by some; very rare due to the rarity of cats surviving a bite at all; possesses a highly venomous bite.)
  • Some more docile breeds of Yak (becoming Mountain Haunters; Battleyaks are immune to the infection for unknown reasons.)

Others may be possible targets, but have yet to be observed.