Hilltowns are human settlements built into hills rather than on them, as a means fo protection. These are very uncommon as many humans see it as an emulation of dwarven living.

Similarities to Dwarven FortressesEdit

  • Hilltowns are a rare sight in the Coastal Reaches, due to thier similarities to the underground fortresses built by dwarves. They do share some common ground to be certain:
  • Hilltowns tend to be mostly underground.
  • Hilltowns often connect to the caverns so the local humans can access the riches there.
  • May or may not house the entire population (like dwarven fortresses, hilltowns may have inhabited surface elements.)


  • While dwarves tend to rely on the things that they pull from the caverns, humans are still more comfortable with thier own resources. As such, they do  have some differences:
  • Hilltowns tend to have extensive surface fortifications to protect some of its farmland and grazing ground as well as large recreational facilities.
  • Hilltowns often only use what cavern plants thier herbalists gather, rather than grown them themselves. Instead they grow thier main food supplies on the surface as is the norm for humans.
  • The entrance tends to be lined with training facilities for the town's militia units. it isn't unusual for unlucky attackers to think the entry is unguarded only to have a swarm of angry humans and attack dogs come charging out of the access points in the wall. In contrast, many dwarven fortress instead line thier entry with armed traps that tend to render invaders to a fine paste/mist/confetti.
  • All important facilities and living space will be only in the hill's soil layers and will either eventually have the insides rebuilt with wood or stone.

Other InformationEdit

Hilltowns are very common for Barbarian settlements, which may be due to the influences of dwarven living had on them.

Several Characters from the Ballpoint Mercenary story hail from a famous Hilltown, Shockedtowns.

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