Jetpacks are propulsion systems used by sapients otherwise incapable of flight. There are three types of pack available at the time of Spearbreakers. Parasol is known as the primary supporter and manufacturer of jetpacks, although Ballpoint still utilizes them in certain circumstances.

Types of PackEdit

  • Civilian (Both flight and jump varieties)
  • Military (Flight)
  • Military (Jump)


Light, sleek, and often built with the consumers using them in mind, they are often considered an unconventional, yet useful, means of transport in larger cities. Both flight and jump packs are available to civilians of various countries and companies, though the latter tend to be used mostly in industrial settings.

It is noted that they are more prone to malfunction simply because they aren't intended for heavy activity. Most problems stem from people 'overclocking' their civilian models to work close to military levels, often disabling various safety measures to do so. The most common issues are often fuel cells burning out or sometimes exploding under these modifications.

Flight PackEdit

Proper jetpacks as people understand them, military jetpacks are sturdy, reliable, and often ugly looking pieces of hardware typically used by soldiers and specialists who need to cross distances far greater than a jump pack can carry them or when small, hard to notice mobility is needed.

Assault PackEdit

Sometimes mistakenly called jetpacks, assault packs are far more common as they are more useful in most situations to the average foot soldier. They provide unmatched lift for the soldier, often allowing them to scale bombed out buildings, cross moderate gaps, or in specialized assault units, turn the soldiers themselves into projectiles. Such soldiers are feared because the sheer bulk of the armor they wear to avoid injury causes something akin to a small explosion. Also those factions who have air transports often use them for low altitude drops. 

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