Joseph zpsd87aa81c

Joseph rarely interacts with others in person, likely as a safety measure.

Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliations Parasol
Occupations Parasol Executive
Leader of Eris
Joseph is the founding member and leader of Eris, an underground organisation that manipulates the multiverse's balance of power from the shadows in an effort to create a perfect world without strife or oppression, according to Joseph's vision. Though his goal is undeniably-altruistic, his arrogance and narcissism have frequently lead him to commit unthinkable atrocities for the sake of his ideals without any trace of guilt, confident that it'll all be worth it in the end.

Character ProfileEdit

He is a terrifyingly-intelligent strategist with an uncanny ability to discern people's emotions and motivations, and is both a consummate liar and a master of manipulation, always knowing exactly what words to say to which person in order to get the reaction he wants. He is also narcissistic to the extreme, believing himself to be inherently-perfect and beyond reproach, and that he is incapable of doing wrong; this can be seen as a weakness. Despite his arrogance, however, he is very cautious, never directly interacting with anyone but a select few trusted aides -- instead conducting much of his business via remote communication from an undisclosed pocket universe -- and keeping his true whereabouts carefully-guarded.

His most immediately-noticable trait is his eerily-perfect, idealised appearance, lacking even the minor physical deformities or blemishes that are normally present on most people. It is likely that he underwent extensive plastic surgery to achieve this.

He usually displays an unshakably-calm, affable demeanor, never showing any trace of anger, anxiety, or aggression unless he believes it will get a reaction out of someone.

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