King Delar's Disciples are the necromancers responsible for plauging Spearbreakers for half of its existence. It is believed this order of necromancers has since become extinct as thier attacks of stopped. It seems they only possessed one Necromancer Tome, now in possession of Terrahex, though more may rest within thier now unguided tower, and it is known each had written tens of books prior to their death, though it is unknown how many, if any, are Necromancer Tomes capable of giving others necro power.


The order was organized in a vaugely militaristic fashion, organized with Deler Inkblushed as General, and following the typical dwarven chain of command.


It seems that they may have been aiming to build a necromantic city-state, but the destructive tendencies of necromancers seems to have held this back, leaving them with only thier one tower a day's march from Spearbreakers. It is possible they decided the fortress would make a good first step to reclaiming Deler's throne from those who usurped him.

In battleEdit

Most of the order did the basic tactic of simply following their hordes, though some opted to try and slip into the fortress to get to the old garbage dumps, with predictably fatal results for them, among those unfortunate would-be infiltrators being Deler himself.

Recent discoveries Edit

Recent discoveries have shown that Deler was actually the sixth and barely in the upper chain of necromancer apprentices, although they are all roughly the same age, all existing since the beginning of the Universe. The first necromancer, Munosh Tomeslathers, apparently still sits idly in her tower with her slab from her god, for now leaving Spearbreakers alone. It is now uncertain if the concerted attack was part of her plans, Deler's or someone higher up the disciple chain, or even beyond it.

Known associates Edit

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