Krypta Boardallied, the Humble Lace
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Nicknames n/a
Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Affiliations Spearbreakers

Fischer's First


Occupations Legendary Pikedwarf
Kin None known.
Birth c 130
Death late 208
Krypta Boardallied, the Humble Lace was a legendary pikedwarf belonging to the squad 'Fischer's First'. She was a loyal soldier of Fischer's, gaining enough notability to warrant a title - 'The Humble Lace'. It is not known why Krypta had this title - perhaps she was a humble dwarf, but most knowledge of her has been lost to time.

Arrival at SpearbreakersEdit

Krypta arrived at Spearbreakers, and was drafted into the military. She was assigned a pike, and under the tutelage of Fischer, Draignean and the rest of the squad, she swiftly became a force to be reckoned with.


Krypta was a valuable soldier - as one of Fischer's Firsts, she was capable of easily going toe-to-toe with a Spawn of Holistic and coming out uninjured.

With her nine other squadmates, they were the squad who did the bulk of Spearbreaker's defence.


Some time into Reudh's reign, in 208, the Spawn of Holistic attacked. The fight went very poorly - while the spawn were killed or driven away, Krypta's foot was pulled off. Her armor and natural hardiness allowed her to survive the beatings the spawn were giving her, but she bled to death not long afterwards.

It was noted during the fight that as Krypta lay stricken, bleeding to death from the stump of her leg, that her body exuded a clear substance, not blood, but an unidentifiable clear, somewhat viscous fluid. It was again in other dwarves, Veiro and Otiluke - and to this day, scientists are baffled as to what it could've been.

A popular theory was that Krypta's body used 'haemolymph' rather than blood, but in that case it would've been a greenish colour. Another is that the drugs pumped into the combat training simulator may have altered them somehow.


After Krypta's death, along with the other deaths that day, a day of mourning was ordered by the Baron, Splint. A slab stands in the memorial hall, dedicated to Krypta's deeds and valour in combat.