Second gun

A computer-generated image of a secondary model of an Eris subrailgun.

Magnetic Accelerator Weapons are (usually) small arms that are used by infantry of the various corporations and later by Everoc native dwarves colonizing the Inlands. The most common are "rifles" as we would understand them, and when railguns are mentioned generally refer to these types, though others exist.


There are some variations of the common "rifle" typically seen.

  • Subrailgun - Generally take the form of an automatic handgun in the case of Ballpoint models, akin to a microuzi. Parasol models tend to be more akin to carbines of thier standard issue railguns. Overall though they're simply an approximation to propellant driven submachineguns. Urist and hans have some expierience with the Ballpoint variety.
  • Railpistol - Simple handguns that use magnets instead of propellant. Mr Frog managed to jury rig one of these and wether or not it will see widespread use or its exact capability isn't shown, though it can be assumed plate armor will not stop a shot from one of these weapons.
  • Heavy Railrifle - The equivalent of a light machinegun, used for firesupport. Depending on the manufacturer it may instead be more of a shoulderfired weapon meant to knock down  light fortifications and take on IFVs or simply more "heavy duty" service railguns.
  • Railcannon - Emplaced weapons meant to deal with concentrations of infantry and heavier armor. While some may be moved from place to place with a team or machinery, most are put up and left in place. Some models may come with an extending base to let give a better line of fire at the expense of increased visibility to enemy fire. Parasol battle tanks come with a larger version to take on other armored units and shoot down Moghoppers.

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