Parasol Megaportal

Parasol Megaportal

A computer-generated image of a Parasol megaportal.

A huge, upright ... 30-foot metal ring. It was a megaportal... the largest I'd ever heard of.

Megaportals are portals that allow nearly instantaneous dimensional travel. Unlike a regular miniportal, megaportals are capable of transporting matter across multiple timelines, across time, and even between separate parent universes.

Megaportals are also capable of "pulling" end portals toward their locations, in a similar fashion to magnetic attraction. If an interdimensional portal's endpoint is anywhere near a megaportal, to within about a mile, the megaportal will accept it - if the megaportal is opened.

Megaportals cannot be remotely operated. There must be someone opening it for it to either receive or create portals.

Due to their immense power, they are capable of not only penetrating, but completely ignoring P.I.G. shielding. However, the size of their endpoint portal is so large that it makes it ridiculous to use them in stealth missions.

Miniportals are entirely capable of connecting to megaportals,but this only functions in one direction. Megaportals can receive miniportal endpoints, but not send endpoints to miniportals.


Despite the fact that megaportals are capable of it, multiuniversal law expressly forbids anyone from traveling through time or between multiple timelines. Those who do so are severely punished without exception, and after many millenia, it has become taboo to even mention it, much less consider it.

Known megaportalsEdit

  • Eris has a single megaportal inside its primary faciility. The entire complex is protected by a P.I.G., making it impossible to enter or exit Eris through any alternate means. One of the known endpoints is a large facility built near the ruins of Spearbreakers, though this was destroyed by Ballpoint and SRA forces assaulting the facility.
  • There is a single megaportal of ancient build standing roughly ten miles to the northeast of Spearbreakers. Natives passing through are invariably mindwiped, permitting its existence to remain a secret.
  • Ballpoint has at least one megaportal in its Everoc base. The portal resides in one of Ballpoint's main garages. It is likely there are many more.
  • Parasol has at least two known megaportals, one in the lobby for Division 3, and another in an unidentified military zone.