"Hail Mitch, Slayer of the 'Hospital'!

Mitchewawa "Mitch" Twinkleequal is a gruff voiced crossdressing female dwarf, former Overseer of Spearbreakers, and credited with making the hospital go from an unsurvivable deathtrap to a respectable (if not the cleanest) dwarvish medical insitiution, though the hospital still retains its grim reputation.

Early LifeEdit

Like many fortress residents little is known of the former Overseer's past other than she was born in the capital 64 years prior to the final turn of Spearbreakers on the first of granite.

At SpearbreakersEdit

Mitch was one of the earliest migrants, having arrived in the summer of the founding months. Until she was selected by the custom of the hat drawing to be Overseer, she served as a humble mason, engraver, and stonecrafter. Once called upon, she distinguished herself by her term's end, having mended the utter trainwreck that was the "hospital."