The first obvious appearance of Spearbreakers' mug problem. The fact that the top-leftmost mug appears to be made of pitchblende is just the tip of the mugberg.

I am actually deeply, deeply disturbed by the sheer number of mugs in this fortress.

One of the earliest problems Spearbreakers encountered was a staggering quantity of mugs being produced without the then-current Overseers' knowledge, many by Bombzero, the butcher. It seems that both Splint and Talvi forgot to take the mug order off repeat, followed by Mr Frog, Draignean and Sus. By the time Mitchewawa's turn came around, there were already more than anyone knew what to do with.

In an attempt to lessen Spearbreakers' surplus of them, it has been suggested they be used as catapult ammo, building materials, and even as magma storage containers. It might work, too, if one could only make their way past all the mugs to put these brilliant plans into action.

It took several years and several dead forgotten beasts before there was enough resources to build storage crates to hold the sheer masses, which numbered nearly 6000 at one time.

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