The Rope-Stick System is an age-old method of detecting sneaky intruders, such as ambush parties, necromancers, and goblin kidnappers.


As the name implies, a rope-stick system is very simple and only requires either a rope or metal chain, guard animal (or not, as anything from cats to chickens, to giant beetles and giant emus can be used) and a wood or metal stick. The stick is stuck in the ground with the chain and animal connected to it, providing some mobility to the animal but also keeping it in a specific space.

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to replace animals
  • Animals can fight back


  • Very high attrition rate for animals
  • Can only cover what the animal can traverse
  • Cleanup required after animal death
  • Ropes can be uprooted and thrown away by trolls, forgotten beasts or other strong creatures (requiring the system to be rebuilt)
  • Vulnerable to ranged weaponry

Usage in EverocEdit

While commonly used in fortresses predating Spearbreakers, after Mr Frog invented the F.R.O.G. it became obsolete. It is now considered unusual to see a rope-stick system in a well-developed fortress. Companies with advanced technology, such as Parasol, Ballpoint and Eris, need neither the rope-stick system, nor the F.R.O.G., as they can instead utilize more efficient electronic systems for surveillance and intruder detection.