Softa Wildinks
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Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Holistic Spawn
Affiliations Spearbreakers
Holistic Spawn
Occupations Engraver
Birth 149 PS
Death Turned in Obsidian of 201 PS
Softa Omristlikot was a pikedwarf of the Spearbreakers military. Her diet consists of periodic giant emu and the blood of the same.

Early LifeEdit

Nothing is actually known about Softa before she arrived in Spearbreakers. She did however volunteer as soon as she arrived, making it a moot point.

Service and MutationEdit

During her time in Spearbreakers, she, along with Ashsaber Othilvutok, sustained injuries fighting off Holistic Spawn. She was placed in an isolation cell with some food and drink and monitored for signs of mutation, which unfortunately manifested itself. She has not been released since of course.

State of MindEdit

She had become friends with several residents before her transformation, and managed to communicate using stone tablets and chisles she had on her person due to her being an engraver. She is known to maintain a very fragile grasp on her sanity thanks to occasional visits from her friends, including Fischer.

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