The Spawn Isolation Chambers (also known as the Spawn Research Center and the Spawn Containment Cells) are a series of rooms used to house those who have suffered bite wounds in combat with the spawn. They would become major features of dwarven settlements in the wake of the Spawn hordes' arrival. It has had the added effect of desensitizing most of the dwarves of Spearbreakers to the horrific noise of the Spawn, as the living areas are on the same floor.


Each room is large enough to accommodate a dwarf, if not comfortably, in bearable conditions. There is a chute above that permits food and drink to be dropped in and a bed (made of stone with a crude wooden frame with some straw,) and only one entrance/exit, guarded by a floodgate hooked up to an adjacent lever.


Draignean made a special room for himself to relax in besides his issued apartment, using a repurposed cell as a front room.

Notable inhabitantsEdit

Not including Draignean's modified cell, the area has three inhabitants as of Splint's 3rd Reign.

Other inhabitantsEdit

Vanya Carena was incarcerated in one of the cells nearest to the end, for reason that she was suspected of being a spy. This lasted for most of Paintbrushturkey's reign.

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