Draignean Big

Niccolo's engraving of Draignean's operation intended to knock Spawny from its perch.

Spawny, sometimes called "The Mascot", was a Holistic Spawn warrior who became trapped in Spearbreakers for over a year, from Talvi to sometime into Draginean's reign. Its name comes from an affectation given to it by Terrahex.



Talvi pointing out Spawny, next to the closed drawbridge.

Talvi, during her time as Overseer, was besieged by two Holistic Spawn ambushes while the dwarven caravan was at at the trade depot. Late that winter she decided to let them go, hoping the caravan guards would be able to take care of it. This ended badly, with the entire caravan quickly slaughtered. In her haste, Talvi had forgotten to close the bridge, and raised it too late. Dwarven drawbridges raise quickly, and Spawny was flung to one side and onto a little ledge beside the fortress.

This created a problem with the civilians. Despite being told everything was safe, they refused to cross over the lowered bridge afterwards, and Talvi's Swirly Walls were deemed worthless. This was the primary catalyst for Mr Frog's construction of the Wagon Road.


Mr Frog himself could not devise a way to release Spawny safely, so it fell to Draignean to come up with a task. Draignean rushed into it headlong and dug out a hole in the wall, attacking it with the military until it fell and ran away. This effectively created the fortress's fourth entrance. Terrahex was extremely disappointed.


Not much is known about what happened to Spawny after it was re-released into the wild. Tomio is thought to have come in contact with it, although he renamed it Heinrich McSpawn. It is uncertain whether the two individuals are truly the same creature.