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Ludicrous gibs outside Spearbreakers, near the end of Paintbrushturkey's reign.

Spearbreakers is a succession game hosted on the Bay12 forums. It was a fortress of dwarves trying to defend themselves from Holistic Spawn and other entities trying to wipe them out. The story had humble beginnings, aiming to become the Great Epic of 2012 (all right, not so humble), and it succeeded. As it stands, it has a TVTropes page, a Roll-To-Dodge, a slew of fanmade art, a huge quantity of fanmade stories, some fanmade music, a novel, and this wiki.

Fortress FeaturesEdit

The Surrounding AreaEdit


A top-down map of the Spearbreakers area.

Spearbreakers is situated between The Jungles of Binding and the Blood Plains. It is in a warm enough climate that it never snows during the year, although the blood rain is almost constant. The area nearby is mostly flat, though the fortress itself is built into the side of a very shallow hill. The Courtyard has been carefully covered over to ensure that invaders cannot attack from above.

Below SpearbreakersEdit

Below Spearbreakers lie the caverns, and below that the Magma Sea. It is above this so-called sea that the forges reside. Through the sea thrust the Adamantine Spires, which the miners began to harvest during Draignean's reign as Overseer.