An early computer-generated image of Syrupleaf as seen here:

Syrupleaf was a fortress founded in the middling years of Everoc's existence. Its inhabitants sought nothing more than mere survival, and an excellent example of this was their quest to simply find a water source, in the early years of the fortress. Syrupleaf was soon besieged by the now-forgotten Sand Raiders and the Holistic Spawn. Although it lasted many years, eventually it was decimated by these enemies until the last survivors died of thirst and cold. This led to Armok's decision to execute The Obsidianizing, a decision that was later overwritten by Parasol by placing the entire fortress in a Stasis Bubble during its final moments, its survivors reliving the horrors of their death for all eternity in full awareness of what was happening.

Syrupleaf's location is unlisted on most maps. It was situated in the southernmost areas of West Everoc, among the glaciers and ice plains far south of Boatmurdered's Magma Plains. Archaeologist expeditions here proved more successful than to other fortresses, notable examples being Dr. Urist Jones and SirPenguin. An interesting fact is that both of the previously mentioned explorers successfully penetrated Syrupleaf's Stasis Bubble and emerged unharmed. This is often contributed to the time-space fluctuations surrounding the phenomena, and hypothesized that visitors are actually exploring an alternate dimension.

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