Amber barb2

An artist's rendition of a photo of The Amber Barb.

The Amber Barb is a savage mountain range near Spearbreakers, located in West Everoc's Coastal Reaches.


The Amber Barb is a very dry place, with infrequent random rain and numerous caves. It may occasionally have dust storms blowing through its valleys. Tornadoes have been sighted, but it lies far enough inland to miss all but the fringe of most tropical hurricanes.

Flora and FaunaEdit

The Amber Barb plays host to numerous savage mountain creatures such as yak and giant wolverines.

Being in a savage area has also afforded the surrounding lowlands numerous highwoods trees and sought after whip vines.


The Amber Barb is currently home to the dwarven nation The Responsible Outrageous Fences, and shelters its capital, Tathurkeskal. Tathurkeskal reaches from the north to south in the westernmost edge of the range, but the center is oddly cleared, perhaps due to Ballpoint's orbital bombardment.

A large tribe of Scythods have made the central portion their home, living among the dry and dusty crags near the peaks. They prefer these areas as it reminds them of their homeworld, Piscyth. Although some maintain that Scythods cannot be considered intelligent, civilized life, they technically qualify as such, and are so included here.

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