The Creator
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliations Unknown
Occupations Unknown
Kin 0009 (Aspect)

Nine (Aspect)
Lolfail (Aspect)
Cor'Daz (Aspect)
Zedo Kixidralvictasal (Aspect)
Rokenzan (Aspect)
LFTON (Aspect)

Birth Unknown
The Creator is a human of unknown origin, and the leader of the Aspects. He first appeared in the penultimate entry to LFTON's saga, with the precursor to LFTON's finale focusing solely on him as well as the Old Creator. His primary weapons, as with all the Aspects, are Scindite and Sarcirent, though they take the form of gauntlets in his instance.


The Creator is a male, apparently adolescent human just shy of six feet tall, with pale skin, dark brown hair, and granite-blue eyes which glow turquoise when he uses Audiomancy or any other of his myriad lesser powers, such as the creation of small illusions. He is rather skinny with a very light build.


When he first appeared in the story, he was absolutely livid but did not let it show. He is not, however, adverse to openly displaying positive emotions. He likes to twist and bend the rules (along with the fabric of time and space) at every opportunity where it gains him anything from a major tactical advantage to a refreshing beverage.

The First MeetingEdit

The Creator first appeared as the other Aspects, along with Clarity, in the Entropy Tunnel after showing them the image of Tenebris Lux, the identity and source of which remains unknown to all but the Creator himself. He then gave the assembly a VERY stern talking-to, before conjuring one of his physics-warping illusions known as 'Nicol Bolas' to take each of the Aspects to their various worlds.

Combat With Old CreatorEdit

The Creator started this fight rather stupidly by provoking the psychopath known as the 'Old Creator' into summoning the mighty Warudandr spear. After realising that he could not possibly win, he opened a hole into the Entropy Tunnel, thus escaping Warudandr's bite.

Arrival at SpearbreakersEdit

Due to a lack of attention paid to where he was going, the Creator was dumped quite unceremoniously into a puddle on the Blood Plains above the fortress, where he was quickly surrounded by LFTON and the Bladeguard. A rather one-sided exchange occurred between the two, which would have resulted in a blunt refusal of aid on LFTON's behalf if the Old Creator had not appeared behind them silently and bound the others in the Bladeguard before announcing himself. He had moved to attack the prone duo before they could ready themselves, but LFTON and the Creator were pulled painfully back into the Entropy Tunnel before falling unconscious.

Meeting with Ady, Yna and AtoEdit

On his awakening, the Creator was greeted by three humanoid 'sisters' with icy blue skin and flaming red hair named Ady, Yna and Ato. Once LFTON had awoken as well, the five of them swapped stories, which ended up so convoluted that the Creator got up and left with the others in tow (much to the sisters' alarm) to speak with a colleague who could decipher their individual stories.

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