Mitchewawa's comments on the state of the hospital.

I wonder if removing the hospital entirely wouldn't actually improve survival rates?
— Sus

The Spearbreakers hospital became infamous as a legend in itself, during the earlier years of the fortress. Dwarves that went in there - even if they were healthy hitherto - were irrevocably doomed to die a slow, macabre, unusual death. The doctors themselves, including Dr. Kannan and Simon Tam, were labeled mad, and would flat-out refuse to feed their patients, let alone clean them. Being sent there was considered a fate worse than death, in addition to being a guaranteed premature end to the patient's life.

Original SetupEdit

The hospital was started in Talvi's year, but poorly outfitted. Mr Frog briefly considered walling it off and using it for a makeshift "Spawn Containment Cell", but he later created the Spawn Isolation Chambers for that purpose. Draignean, during his reign, tried to set it up further. When Sus had his turn as overseer of the fortress, he noted what a deathtrap it was and tried to improve upon it, but with little success. Soap was unheard of, largely because the overseers themselves erroneously deemed it useless.

Mitchewawa's ReformsEdit

Mitchewawa, during his reign, managed to whip the hospital into shape, giving Simon Tam the position of Mayor and Broker, and later removing Dr. Kannan from medical duties altogether, although he stayed there as far as canon was concerned. The hospital was greatly improved in all areas... Except soap.