Jungles of Binding

An artist's rendition of a photograph of The Jungles of Binding.

The Jungles of Binding is a large expanse of land stretching between the Blood Plains, The Amethyst Ocean, and the desert above. Spearbreakers itself lies on its borders.Parasol and Ballpoint interference are at a minimum in this area, as they are primarily focused on the Blood Plains and the Holistic Spawn contained therein.

Being a tropical dedicious jungle, it never snows or freezes at any time of the year. The trees are scattered thickly at many points, with hardly any natural clearings. Although there are a few natural rivers, these are few and far between, normally sprouting at a spring and running into a crevasse. Few rivers, if any, lead directly into the bordering Amethyst Ocean. Several rivers do run into the Central Blood Plains, however, feeding fresh water into it.

The dwarven capital of The Responsible Outrageous Fences, Tathurkeskal, is far enough away that the dwarves consider the jungle outside their territory. It is home to elves and humans, many of the latter enslaved to serve under elven rule.