The Master
The master

An image of The Master with a mug and Chestnut, as he goes berserk following his pseudo-failed mood.

Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Affiliations Pleatinked
Occupations Fishery Worker
Kin Avuz, Wife
Lorbam, Eldest son
Sodel, youngest son
Shorast, only daughter
Birth 105 PS
Death Midautumn of 203
...I'll reduce you to CARNAGE!
— The Master

"The Master" Glazeddestined (105 PS - Midautumn of 203) was a dwarf that lived in Spearbreakers until he died from a mysteriously failed mood. He is best known for his obsession with the word "carnage", his creation of the Blue Garnet Spearhead, and his extravagant funeral.

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