The Noble Hammers was a squad of hammerdwarves tasked with protecting the head of Spearbreakers' political arm, Duke Splint Lokumeshesh.


They were relativly lightly armored compared to the rest of the fortress military before its reorganization, however they were literally the most heavily armed, using uranium ore warhammers that were able to remove whole limbs through sheer blunt trauma alone. They wore a mail shirt and breatplate, greaves, metal boots, gauntlets and a helmet along with thier normal clothing underneath and carried wooden shields into battle to save on weight and metals, intending to rely on them only for protection and not as ancillary weapons.


The suqad was disbanded and its two remaining members reassinged to The Ironbreakers under Sergeant Feb, as the sole purpose for the squad to exist was now dead with a claw-shapd hole in the back of his skull.


Splint Lokumeshesh - Leader and charge of the squad, Deceased; killed in battle facing the Spawn of Holistic.

Thumper Sholidadil  - Hammerdwarf/Bodyguard - Deceased; Failed mood, struck down by Splint with a pitchblende warhammer.

Crusher Risenmigrur - Hammerdwarf/Bodyguard - Assigned to the Ironbreakers after Splint's death. Listed as "Vengeful Ironbreaker."

Rose Veshdastot (and by extention Halen) - Hammerdwarf/Bodyguard, Deceased; killed in battle against the Spawn of Holistic

Ranger Ecemsibrek - Hammerdwarf/Bodyguard - Deceased; Assigned to the Ironbreakers after Splint's death. Listed as "Vengeful Ironbreaker." Contracted spawn fever and struck down by other Ironbreakers.