Ugeth, the Great Flame

Nicknames The Great Flame
The Human Torch
Race Forgotten Beast
Birth Before Boatmurdered
Mr Frog called Ugeth a human torch, just with less human and more torch. I wonder if we could rig up a water trap to eliminate this thing?

Ugeth, sometimes called The Great Flame, was a strange humanoid composed of animate ash and fire. Unlike many Forgotten Beasts, Ugeth was indeed one of the timeless ones of the deep, a product of some kind of dark magic and is known to speak whatever ancient language was used in the Necromancer Tome studied by Terrahex.


Ugeth was known to play with his foes unless angered, and exhibited a brooding personality. He claimed a towercap tree as a strange throne over Lake Lomoth and remained seated upon it following his encounters with Vanya, Terrahex, and Urist until his death at the hands of Dauros.


He was was known to be able to regulate his own heat and throw fireballs at enemies, and had extreme durablity against ranged timewar weaponry. Bolts simply stuck in, and pikes proved able to remove limbs provided they were able to completely cut through them.