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Universe Beta-17XG, photographed by Ballpoint Technologies.

I never have as much time here as I'd like. It's one of the fundamental flaws of this universe, not at all like universe Beta-17XG.

 Universe Beta-17XG (or simply Beta-17XG) is best known for its unusual properties, being the location of Piscyth, and being the home of the scythod. Beta-17XG was discovered by Ballpoint Technologies and later visited by Parasol.

Abnormal propertiesEdit

Beta-17XG is far enough removed from the universal plane of most sentient species that it has different inherent properties than most known universes. As stated by Mr Frog in one of Vanya's journals, one of these properties is that you can seemingly waste as much time as you like and still have enough time left over to accomplish everything you need to do. One theory behind this is that the time flow alters according to the individual's perception of it, making it seemingly possible (from the person's perspective) to put oneself in a trancelike state (relative to those around you) simply by doing something one enjoys. This is not absolute, however, and only largely an illusion on the senses and mind. In actuality, this "speed boost" rarely travels past 125%, but it is very noteworthy in combat situations, particularly where one side enjoys the fight more than the other.

A secondary odd property of Beta-17XG is that thicker items have more mass relative to those of an equal size and density but of a flatter shape. This seems indirectly proportionate to the size of the object, making objects of a greater size exhibit this unusual property less. It does, however, make a well-propelled baseball pitch invariably fatal to anyone it strikes the head of, regardless of the skill of the pitcher. While this particular scenario has rarely been practiced, it was observed that bullets have a greater mass than they do on other worlds, relative to the explosive charge utilized in firing them. This made them considerably weaker, and made Ballpoint's rifles jam far more easily. Ballpoint responded by resorting to railguns and needleguns during the Piscyth Wars.

A third property of the universe is rarely noticed except for in zero-gravity situations. Hydrogen bonding's strength (and that of other atoms) is reduced by at least 50% in Beta-17XG, making water far more prone to misting, and less likely to cling to your skin in the shower. In zero-gravity situations, this seemingly small difference can make operations such as drinking and routine hygiene next to impossible. While this is interesting, it makes little difference overall.