Urist Okablokum
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Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Affiliations Unnamed Fortress
Occupations Farmer
Military Liaison
Mr Frog's Assistant
Kin Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Son
Birth 184 PS

Urist Okablokum (born in 184 PS) is a military liaison for an unnamed baron, possibly best known for saving Spearbreakers from Iohanne. He is romantically involved with Vanya Carena, and serves as an assistant for Mr Frog. He currently seeks to reunite himself with Vanya once more.


Urist's most notable feature is his "lantern jaw". He has chiseled features, a standard medium-to-short length brown beard, and he keeps his hair shorter to keep it from interfering with his military duties. Along with this, he has been described as "worn and tough-looking", looking to be about 30 or so for a human, although he is in actuality much younger. This is a by-product of his military service. It has also been noted that he has blue eyes.


Urist becomes violent and wrathful when he's extremely unhappy about something, such as the loss of a close friend. He dislikes letting anyone close to him, and prefers to remain in relative isolation, because, in his words, "Friends die." The death of a friend is part of the reason why, when he arrived at Spearbreakers, he was looking for "a good death." He had lost the desire to remain alive, and wanted to accomplish something useful in his final moments. The primary reason for this is that his wife had taken his son and left him, deciding he was never going to change back in the person he once was.

To the casual observer, Urist is unemotional and stoic. This is merely a facade he presents to the world to mask his feelings. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his few friends, and typically a stronger sense of loyalty to his country. However, this is occasionally overridden by his sense of honor, as he makes a point of repaying favors in kind.

Although most would think him uninterested in romance, he misses the feeling of love. This is something he keeps private, and would never speak aloud.


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