This is a blog post. I'm so freaking creative.

No, really. We could use some help on the wiki, guys. We have plenty of red links - if you see a red link you can help with, click it and make a new page. Make an account to make it a little easier for me to keep track of stuff, if you'd like. Try to make sure your pages have links in them - I can of course add them later, but hey - makes my job a little easier and only takes a second or two of your time.

We have a lot to add, and we're nowhere near finished. We have events, characters, places - the whole of the Vanya story still needs to be written out, for one. If you can provide art, help with it if you can. It's easy. The Spearbreakers thread is winding down, but if we use that as a sounding board for ideas, we can get it active again just by working on the wiki. Let's not leave this half-finished! Spearbreakers is an awesome fortress and it deserves this. Not even Boatmurdered has a wiki - this could be our huge claim to fame on Teh Internets.

We're doing great so far, though. This is mainly to people who haven't started yet. ...And, to strike the "Make a blog post" off the admin to-do list... there's this to-do list in the admin section and I'm trying to get it to 100% complete. There's going to be another % done after we get a couple more wiki members, too. This might be viewed as cheating, but oh well... SPEARBREAKERS

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