Something interesting to note: I've worked on the infoboxes for this wiki. In particular, the infoboxes for characters. I'm sure you've seen them before - they're the little rectangular boxes that contain info, generally on the right-hand side of a page... 


this is not how I actually look.

Nicknames So many. Tal, Talv, Talvi, Talvie, Talvy, Talvieno, Talveeno (ugh), etc.
Gender Male. Most definitely male.
Race Human
Affiliations Spearbreakers
Occupations Writer
Birth 1990 AD

Kind of like this, over here on the right-hand side of the page.

The way to make one of these is really, really simple. All you really have to do is add the following code:

{{infobox character}}

As you'll notice, it doesn't look like much. Not yet, anyway. At the top right-hand corner of a page you're editing, you'll notice two tabs. One says "Source", and the other says "Visual". After you type in the code (copy-pasting is fine, too), you'll need to switch to Source, and then back to Visual. This will make it appear as a green piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Hover over it for a moment with your cursor and you'll have the option of editing it. From there, it's the easiest thing in the world - it explains everything for you, more or less. Well, besides a couple things.

To make line breaks, like I did with Talvieno's "affiliations", you'll have to type this code:

<br />

It'll look like this:

[[Spearbreakers]]<br />Myself

Putting the double brackets around a word turns it into a link, like the "Spearbreakers" in the example above.

It's really simple! I wanted to put this little tutorial out there so everyone else will know how it works.

If you have any questions, ask. I'll be happy to help.

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