The Vampires were immortal, bloodsucking undead created by a curse or transfusing of vampiric blood into a new host through drinking.Only sapient races can be infected with the contagious curse, developing an unholy thirst for fresh blood, immortality, incredibly endurance, and strength.

Ways of InfectionEdit

There are two possible ways for a person to be infected. The first way is for one of the cruel gods to curse a worshipper with vampirism, dooming them to roam the night in search of blood. The other way is for a person to drink the tainted blood of a vampire, corrupting them into a immortal bloodsucker of the night.

Identifying VampiresEdit

  • Vampires are immortal, staying alive and fresh from the moment they were infected, being alive far beyond the normal lifespan of uninfected, many vampires must change their names and move to new feeding grounds, in fear of being found out.
  • Due to their curse, vampires develop a thirst for blood of the living, once a body is found with puncture marks on it and drained of blood, it is a clear sign of a vampiric feeding.
  • Once a vampire is thirsty, their canines grow into razor sharp fangs, better to puncture the victim's neck and slowly suck up all their sweet blood, while they sleep.
  • Vampires would survive a injury that would normally kill uninfected such as a fall, drowning, or a loss of several appendages.

Vampiric WarsEdit

Due to a large number of vampiric infections and the rise of the Vampiric Empire, the human and dwarf nations formed the Global Coalition to combat the vampire plague. The Global Coalition was successful in the mass extermination of vampires. The last know case of a vampire was when Urist Okablokum discovered that Minkot and Melbil were vampires, who had been feeding on several patients in The Hospital for a unknown time. Both were slain by Urist and several guards.

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