Vinebeasts are creatures that inhabit savage swamps, jungles, and forests and are the result of either intentional or freak instances of Nature Magic creating a strange mammalian animal of sorts and are a prime example of what Nature Magic is capable of.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

Vinebests are quadrupeds that resemble tangled knots of vines and leaves with four powerful vines for grabbing and striking at enemies. They are often compared to the vaguely humaoid Grimeling. They have red or yellow glowing eyes and may sometimes be domesticated to be fighting animals. It can be dangerous to get a breeding population though for such a program, as the animals come in large packs of up to ten individuals and have hair-trigger tempers that make giant badgers seem well adjusted in comparison.

Some biologists believe these strange creatures may in fact be related in some fashion to the Western Coastal Reaches' Timberwolves.