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Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Affiliations Parasol
Occupations Parasol agent

Wari Swallowedgilds is a dwarven nurse at Spearbreakers, hailing from Parasol. She is one of the few good doctors at The Hospital, and is a master wound dresser. She may or may not have a secret romance with Orodogoth Dangledpicks. She is also a Parasol agent and neurologist.


Wari is described as having a tall and stocky build (for a dwarf). She has aquamarine eyes, a scratchy voice, a narrow head and medium-length, neatly-combed blonde hair. Her appearance is rarely mentioned, partially because she prefers to avoid attention.


Clumsy, impatient and possessing a bad memory, Wari is generally thought of less than the other doctors. This is part of the reason she's a nurse and not a primary physician. She possesses a normal intelligence, but it is more her personality than physical attributes that puts her in such a high standing at both Parasol and Spearbreakers. She has a very calm demeanor, is capable of handling stress and is assertive in all she does, which helps greatly when dealing with faux doctors like Doctor Kannan. She also can become somewhat emotional at times. Although confident, she is completely disorganized in her personal life, making simple tasks such as finding a cigarette a hassle. She is patriotic and has a strong sense of loyalty towards her employers, persevering even where others have failed.

She works hard because she believes she has to make up for the death of her older brother, which she fully believes is her fault. This is part of why she chose Vanya Carena as a Sleeper Agent and personally saw to her Mental Reconditioning.

As to her tastes, she is fond of strawberry wine as much as Mr Frog is, and has been caught wishfully browsing his stocks from time to time. She also strongly detests slugs, which may be in part due to Dr. Kannan's love for their flavor. She has a particularly strong dislike of the dwarf.


Wari grew up as a skulker, hiding in an Elven forest retreat with her older brother, Lokum Swallowedgilds. When she was nine, one of the elves discovered them. Wari's brother sacrificed himself to save his sister's life. The elves captured him and he was subsequently put to death.

After this event, Wari's life is largely unknown. Historians speculate that she may have been taken up by Parasol to save her life, and offered a job in their company. Following this, it seems she studied bioneurology, rising through the ranks until she reached a level high enough to take over a portion of the bioneurological department.

The reason Parasol sent her to Spearbreakers is unknown. It is possible she was exiled, or that they sent her because they believed her to be one of the best.

Career at SpearbreakersEdit

Wari's arrival went unnoticed, and she was first mentioned during Mitchewawa's reign. Afterwards, she was rarely mentioned except in Vanya's Journals and Draconik's logs.

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