West everoc complete

A computer-rendered image of the area of West Everoc surrounding Spearbreakers. Property of Parasol.

"West Everoc" as it is called, is west of the "main" continent of Everoc. It is considerably larger and contains areas such as the Blood Plains, The Amber Barb, and of course Spearbreakers itself, contained in but a small portion of its coastline (collectively called The Coastal Reaches.) It is large enough to play host to several massive inland seas that can be mistaken for oceans.

West Everoc InlandsEdit

West Everoc's inlands are known to be a land of danger, with life ranging from being the seemingly unimpressive Equus and horrifically ugly Manamaids to the terryfing reptiles that inhabit its more savage areas and the vastly more violent frogman and blendec nations. It is a very violent and chaotic place even by Everocan standards.

It also plays host to the normal "balance" of good and evil flora and fauna, however it also has terrible monstrosities both above and below ground that have yet to spread to the Coastal Reaches. It also has the distinction of having roving bands of beakwolves, dark stranglers and badgermen that have learned the ways of proper civilization to add to the list of threats.

As of the Timewar, it also plays hosts to Scythod tribes, among them the tribe of Warmaster Kythraka'l Scylk. There are rumors of another race, the Seqiv, but these are currently mere speculations and wild stories.