Zopsu Genedakusm was a monstrosity that appears to be a heavily mutated cave lobster. It is believed it was some kind of genetic expieriment that was dumped on Everoc an indeterminate time ago, presumably before the fall of Syrupleaf.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Zopsu had the form of a common cave lobster, but its carapace looked as though it was some kind of molten choclate. This has lead to it sometimes humerously being said to have been made partially of the stuff.

Aside from its inherent large size, ability to survive underwater (due of course to its lobster heritage,) and requiset immense strength to move itself around, Zopsu possessed hemolymph that carried a potent toxin in it that caused severe swelling that was absorbed through skin contact. The swelling would get to the point of causing the skin to rupture, leading to death of smaller creatures such as Dauros' dog Ingiz, who was exposed via the pads on his paws.

Armor, clothing, and even fur and a particularly thick beard and moustache were effective countermeasures to the toxin, as Dauros was uneffected in any capacity despite his being coated in the stuff.


Zopsu met his end during a mission undertaken by Dauros to purge the caverns of the copious numbers of various things from before the fall of even Boatmurdered, having been quite roundly perforated with both pikes Dauros was carrying.